Sharp and Coremosa Energias Renovables collaborate on a new photovoltaic (PV) project in Spain

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe has expanded its collaboration with Coremosa Energias Renovables to include a solar project in Zaragoza. The two corporations formed a collaboration in 2006 in order to collaborate more closely on free-field and C&I projects in Spain. Sharp’s NU-JD445 panel was used in the newest projects, a 1MW PV system in Calatayud and a 0.5MW PV system in Paracuellos de Jiloca, Zaragoza. The PV systems are developed, owned, and invested in by Coremosa Energias Renovabels.

Coremosa Energas Renovables is a subsidiary of the Spanish Coremosa Grupo. Coremosa Energias Renovables is a company that develops and installs grid-connected solar facilities. Coremosa Energas Renovables is dedicated to the environment and the use of clean, renewable energy to create power, therefore lowering greenhouse gas emissions and, as a result, delaying climate change.

Coremosa Energias Renovables expertise is on public-law project development services such as on-site communication, gaining land use rights, and obtaining building land use and planning clearances. Coremosa Energias Renovabels has 15 years of expertise planning, implementing, and running Solar energy projects.

Sharp provides over 60 years of experience in the photovoltaic and technical planning and advisory sector, as well as considerable expertise in the area of PV modules for the free-field and C&I segments, in addition to its products.

The PV module utilized, the NU-JD445, is intended for free-field and commercial rooftop installations. It has a module efficiency of 20.1 % and can withstand voltages of up to 1,500 V. The low temperature coefficient of -0.347%/°C assures excellent performance at high ambient temperatures, which is becoming increasingly relevant as a result of climate change and the resultant rise in world temperatures.

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Celia Alcaraz, KAM Solar Sales Spain, Portugal & Southern France Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, states, “Our strategic plan involves the growth of free-field and C&I projects in the region of Coremosa Energias Renovables and outside the Zaragoza area.” Coremosa Grupo benefits from the advantages that we, as a panel supplier, can bring to our relationships by working together: direct access to manufacturing capacity and technical consultation for our modules are just two examples. What we appreciate best about our work with Coremosa Grupo is that it allows us to expand on the long-standing and professional connection we’ve had for many years.”

“Coremosa Grupo blends the excellence of a historic and imaginative brand with Sharp modules,” explains Angel Modrego Munoz, General Manager of Coremosa. “In a market rife with unpredictability and huge shifts, I feel Sharp’s dependability is an incredibly critical attribute for our company.” Sharp’s more than 60-year industry expertise, together with the technical qualities of the modules and Sharp’s 15-year product warranty and 25-year performance guarantee with a minimum of 85 percent in year 25 completely meets the high expectations we have of our module provider.”

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