UK launches energy storage innovation competition

Interested parties have until 14 August to apply to the two-stream initiative [Image: Free Images]

Interested parties have until 14 August to apply for an energy storage innovation competition launched by the UK government.

The competition aims to accelerate commercialisation of innovative longer duration energy storage projects – excluding commercial solutions such as pumped hydro or lithium ion – at different technology readiness levels, through first-of-a-kind full-system prototypes or actual demonstrations.

The government said that successful projects are expected to start phase one of the competition in November.
The competition is split into two streams.

Stream one is applications for grants for pre-commercial demo projects, with up to £1m given for phase one and £11m for phase two.

Stream two involved first-of-a-kind prototype contracts, with £150,000 per project for phase one and and £9.45m per project for phase two.

More details can be found here.

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