To accomplish the net-zero goal, the UK needs ‘immediate’ GHG reductions

A new study for the Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group lays out key steps for the government to do.

According to a new report for the Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group, the UK has to undertake rapid greenhouse gas emissions reductions and plan and invest for the “last 25%” emissions challenge in hard-to-abate sectors to ensure a seamless, equitable, and socially inclusive transition to net zero.

The ‘Net Zero Roadmap’ study lays out the crucial steps that the UK government should take to get even further and quicker on the road to Net Zero by 2050.

However, it raises questions about whether the government’s Net Zero Strategy is adequate in light of the magnitude of the problem.

The Net Zero Roadmap lays forth fresh policy proposals and recommendations for consideration, as well as suggestions for how to close gaps.

Alex Sobel MP, the chair of the Net Zero APPG, is concerned that many in government and society are underestimating the magnitude of the Net Zero challenge.

“In a well-designed transition, there are significant opportunities for UK industry and enormous potential for win-win solutions, most notably increased energy independence and food security, as well as improved public health and air quality,” he said.

“However, as evidenced by the ongoing energy crisis and return of fossil fuels around the world, there is an increasing possibility of a catastrophic reaction in public opinion against poorly constructed or weakly justified climate initiatives.”

Atkins and the University of Oxford collaborated on the roadmap.

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