The role of AI technology in renewable energy

Cognitive, located in Spain, has teamed with Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult and RWE to accelerate the commercialization of their Wind AI solution, which improves wind turbine performance monitoring.

Cognitive’s Wind AI solution was created to handle wind turbine underperformance issues to identify and repair them.

“Wind AI does not employ wind speed data as an input,” explained Christopher Fraser, co-founder and director of Cognitive Applied AI. Instead, it ‘learns’ each turbine’s performance against every other turbine under every conceivable set of conditions, and then uses that information to create algorithms that accurately determine the predicted and actual performance of each turbine at any given moment, highlighting any that are underperforming.”

Cognitive’s Wind AI solution has the capacity to detect performance decline with an error rate of less than 1%. According to Catapult’s cost research, Wind AI has the potential to reduce the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) while boosting yearly energy output.

Wind AI, according to ORE Catapult, is capable of detecting component failures and initiating predictive maintenance, lowering overall corrective maintenance frequency by 5%.

“Cognitive’s technology is delivering a solution for one of the industry’s major, unresolved concerns – the cost-effective monitoring and tracking of wind turbine performance losses,” said ORE Catapult senior innovation manager Andrew MacDonald. We are excited to continue working with Cognitive as they extend their AI solutions to further increase cost savings in the offshore wind sector.”

UK Export Finance and ORE Catapult formed a collaboration in June to promote offshore wind firms’ expertise and skills in international markets.

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The two parties have agreed to publicize the support available to renewable energy producers in order to increase global trade prospects for UK suppliers and push the country’s renewables exports.

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