The Jera team has gained backing for its tension leg floating technology

The Green Innovation Fund has approved a grant application.

Jera, Modec, Toyo Construction, and Furukawa Electric Industry have received notification that their collaborative grant proposal for a project to develop cost-cutting technology for tension leg platform (TLP) floating offshore wind turbines has been approved.

The proposal was submitted through the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization’s Green Innovation Fund program.

With the goal of commercializing floating wind farms in the early 2030s, the project intends to build component technologies for TLP floating and mooring systems, as well as subsea power transmission systems.

For around two years, the four firms will collaborate on component technology development.

Jera will survey and measure the intended verification location, as well as design power producing facilities and set environmental standards.

Based on Jera’s design and environmental constraints, a basic plan for a 15MW-class power generating demonstration plant will be set up.

Following the power generating demonstration, the four firms will start thinking about supply chains for mass manufacturing and cost reduction with the goal of achieving commercial projects.

[Image: Jera]

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