The first phase of construction on two community solar projects in New Jersey has begun

The first two Community Solar Year Two projects in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, have commenced construction. The installations began less than three weeks after the Community Solar Pilot Program Year Two projects were approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities on October 28.

Solar Landscape has started installing solar panels on Endurance Real Estate Group warehouses in Mount Laurel, which will create almost 2.2 megawatts (DC) of pure renewable energy. When the panels are turned on, power from them will be available to almost 350 residences in the Mount Laurel neighborhood. As part of New Jersey’s mission to promote renewable energy equity, 51% of all customers will be low- to moderate-income households.

According to Mount Laurel Township Mayor Stephen Steglik, the new installation of solar panels at two municipalities’ locations would assist people, businesses, and educational institutions in the area.

“We are delighted to welcome this community solar project to Mount Laurel,” Mayor Steglik remarked. “Community solar is a novel and innovative approach to promoting sustainable energy equity.” Now, regardless of house ownership or socioeconomic situation, our inhabitants will be able to access inexpensive renewable energy. More significantly, this will bring jobs to the area while also providing a chance for our educational institutions to introduce their students to the clean energy sector.”

Endurance Real Estate Group saw the community solar project as a way to be a good neighbor while also furthering its environmental stewardship aims.

“By leasing our rooftops for community solar, we can give cheap sustainable energy to our buildings’ neighbors while also acting as a catalyst for change,” said Albert J. Corr, senior vice president at Endurance Real Estate Group. “Environmental and sustainability considerations are becoming a component of our bottom line in the commercial real estate sector.” Through community solar, we are thrilled to be a part of the state’s sustainable energy revolution.”

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Residents subscribe to utilize solar electricity generated by adjacent solar panels under the community solar scheme. The majority of Solar Landscape community solar projects, such as Endurance Real Estate Group’s, are put on huge warehouse rooftops.

Solar Landscape collaborates with local NGOs such as Sustainable South Jersey to educate locals about community solar and urge them to subscribe for a 20 to 25 percent discount off their monthly electric bills.

“Community solar is a simple method for those who don’t have solar panels – or roofs – to access 100 percent green energy while also saving money,” said Sustainable South Jersey board president Ed Cohen. “Sustainable South Jersey is pleased to collaborate with Solar Landscape to assist local citizens in the Mount Laurel region in becoming subscribers and beginning their savings.”

Solar Landscape’s 46-project Community Solar Pilot Program Year Two portfolio, which will create 51 megawatts of solar energy for New Jersey families, includes the two projects.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Mount Laurel Township government, Endurance Real Estate, and nonprofit partners like Sustainable South Jersey to bring community solar to Mount Laurel,” said Solar Landscape CEO Shaun Keegan. “The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities authorized this project and more than 40 additional community solar installations less than three weeks ago, and we are moving forward swiftly.”

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