Technological Revolution: Generating Energy By Converting The Spectrum Of Invisible Radiation

Neutrino energy is gaining popularity, despite the fact that it was previously regarded to be technically and scientifically unfeasible.

There was no widespread rethinking when two researchers were given the Nobel Prize in Physics in the fall of 2015. Both Canadian researcher Arthur Mc Donald and Japanese researcher Takaaki Kajita separately established that neutrinos have mass. This was done by employing newly developed measurement techniques that definitively ascribed a mass to the neutrino. Neutrinos can go through almost any substance were formerly assumed to have no mass. This was consistent with the standard particle physics paradigm. There were extensions to this hypothesis that gave the neutrino a mass, but detecting them was extremely difficult because to the neutrinos’ incredibly weak interactions with matter.

No one could have imagined what the two physicists’ discovery may mean for mankind when they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2015. Neutrinos are constantly bombarding our globe in the form of a high-energy particle stream. Unlike solar radiation, however, this particle stream is not sensed since the particles are invisible. Nonetheless, as the US Department of Energy has stated, it will be the energy source of the future. After all, it may be found everywhere and at any moment.

The famous formula e=mc2 is recognizable to even people who have never completely comprehended Einstein’s theory of relativity. It simply states that any mass in motion has energy. For many years, this energy has been empirically proven. Many physicists hesitated to believe it despite the evidence. Theoretically, they believed it was impossible. What ought not to be, ought not to be. Those who claimed differently were met with a smile. Recent scientific publications, however, show that there is a growing degree of rethinking.

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Imagine a solar cell that does not function with light, but with the non-visible spectrum of radiation. This is a good representation of future possibilities. The key distinction is that this neutrino cell also performs brilliantly in the dark. Instead of catching the cosmic radiation, the particle stream’s kinetic energy is turned into electrical energy. This opens up a lot of exciting possibilities for the future.

The so-called neutrino converters are not affected by light. They can transform the invisible radiation spectrum into energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever in the world. Of course, this will cause massive revolutions in the energy markets, as well as in industry and the economy, in the coming decades. Many of today’s industries will alter or die entirely, while many new ones with immense possibilities and potential will emerge.

In the United States, Neutrino Inc. has a subsidiary called NEUTRINO Deutschland GmbH. The team, led by mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart, is partnering with worldwide institutions and academics from all over the world to develop the first technological devices that transform radiation energy into electrical current, allowing it to be used in real-life applications.

The first sub-goal is to power tiny electrical devices like mobile phones. Their batteries will be recharged remotely and continually by a neutrino energy cell. The next stage is electromobility, since if automobiles are no longer subjected to long queues at charging stations, public acceptability will skyrocket. The concept for this already has a name: PI, which is the name of a new German electric car brand. It carries the symbol “pi,” which in mathematics represents the infinite circular number 3.1415927….

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The last phase, which will undoubtedly entail years of hard study, will be to deploy neutrino technology to power entire families. The concept is to use neutrino power cubes to offer both energy and heat in a decentralized manner. This would not only eliminate the need for ecologically hazardous oil and gas heating systems, but it would also reduce the requirement for power to be transported across vast distances. This eliminates the need for visible electrical cables and reduces energy losses during transit. Peak energy demand can be absorbed by batteries that function as buffers.

Moving mass, as Einstein demonstrated, also involves energy. The cosmic particle stream provides humanity with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to avoid global conflicts, all the way up to battles over the final fossil resources. This innovative technology provides a more ecologically friendly and equitable energy supply in all parts of the world. The difficulties generated by the usage of fossil fuels for our climate may be eliminated without losing comfort. It is possible that things may alter dramatically for children and grandkids in the next decades. This will make our planet more politically stable, safer, and habitable.

Will this stay a lovely idea, or will we be able to turn it into a new reality? That is entirely up to us. We have the option of utilizing the most recent scientific discoveries for the benefit of everyone or suppressing them for the profit of a few. Galileo Galilei already stated: “Whoever does not know the truth is a fool. He who knows that and labels it a falsehood is doing a crime.”

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It is now up to politics. It must chart the road for tomorrow now. It’s possible that tomorrow may be too late!

NEUTRINO Deutschland GmbH is a German-American-American research and development business led by mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart. NEUTRINO, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, collaborates with a global team of scientists and various international research institutes engaged in application research, such as the conversion of non-visible radiation spectra from the sun, such as neutrinos (high-energy particles that constantly bombard the earth), into electric current.

A special emphasis is placed on fundamental research collaboration with universities and colleges, as well as the establishment of a worldwide research network for alternative energy technologies. The NEUTRINO ENERGY Group’s economic mission is to create and commercialize technological application solutions for everyday usage based on fundamental research discoveries.

NEUTRINO INC., created in 2008, intends to go public on the NASDAQ technology exchange in the coming years. “NEUTRINO ENERGY, THE ENERGY OF THE FUTURE,” says the company’s advertising tagline.

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