Swansea is planning a new tidal lagoon

The 320MW project would be part of the Blue Eden development, according to a consortium led by Welsh business DST Innovations

An international collaboration led by DST Innovations, a Welsh business, has revealed plans for a 320MW tidal lagoon off the coast of Swansea, Wales.

The lagoon is part of the wider £1.7 billion Blue Eden project, which is being driven by DST Innovations and a variety of commercial partners, with Swansea Council and Associated British Ports on board.

Blue Eden will be built in three stages over the course of 12 years.

It will also contain a 60,000-square-meter manufacturing factory for high-tech batteries for renewable energy storage, as well as a battery facility to store and power the site’s renewable energy.

Blue Eden would also have a 72,000-square-meter floating solar array and a 94,000-square-meter data center, both of which would be anchored in the Queen’s dock area.

There are also proposals for an oceanic and climate change research center, as well as 150 floating, extremely energy-efficient eco-homes moored in the water.

Blue Eden will be built along a large stretch of land and water to the south of the Prince of Wales Dock in Swansea’s SA1 neighborhood.

Blue Eden, according to the developers, will produce over 2500 permanent employment and support a total of 16,000 jobs across Wales and the United Kingdom, as well as extra opportunities during development.

The whole Blue Eden complex, including companies and a mixed-use development of affordable housing, assisted living facilities, and luxury apartments, will be powered by renewable energy generated on site.

Work on the Blue Eden site might begin as early as 2023, pending planning approval.

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“Blue Eden is a chance to build a blueprint for the world to follow – using renewable energy and using innovative technologies and ideas to produce not just a place to live and work, but also to flourish,” said Tony Miles, co-founder and CEO of DST Innovations.

The concept was established after talks based on a vision presented by a regional task group chaired by Swansea Council, according to the corporation.

“We are more conscious today than ever of the need to expand renewable energy supplies to deliver sustainable and cheap power to people and businesses,” said Swansea Council Leader Rob Stewart.

“Blue Eden will position Swansea and Wales at the forefront of global renewable energy innovation, assisting in the creation of thousands of well-paid jobs, reducing our carbon footprint, and raising Swansea’s status as a destination to invest throughout the world.”

“I’m ecstatic that an international partnership lead by a Welsh firm has turned our Dragon Energy Island concept into a game-changing project that provides so many advantages and advances the council’s goal of being a net-zero city by 2050.”

“This project is a game-changer for Swansea, its economy, and renewable energy in the United Kingdom, and it can be delivered without government subsidies.”

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