Sungrow’s floating PV mooring concept has been approved by DNV

The Statement of Conformity award signifies that the technique follows suggested best practices.

Sungrow, a Chinese solar firm, has received a ‘Statement of Conformity’ from DNV for their anchoring and mooring design approach for floating PV systems.

The DNVGL-RP-0584, ‘Recommended Practice for Design, Development, and Operation of Floating Solar Photovoltaic Systems,’ was released in March of this year and is the first of its type.

It was issued following a comprehensive verification procedure, and it was based on DNVGL-criteria RP-0584’s and recommendations for anchoring and mooring of floating solar plants.

The statement, according to DNV, validates that the anchoring and mooring design approach, comprising design concepts, techniques, and safety aspects, corresponds with the recommended practice and is suitable for use in future projects.

When using the design process, the business stated that project-specific needs, as well as correct site-specific environmental factors, must be taken into account.

“The floating solar industry is developing fast and moving from Asia, which still holds the largest market share, to Europe and other parts of the world,” said Prajeev Rasiah, DNV executive vice president for energy systems in Northern Europe.

“To support the development of this innovative renewable technology, DNV is happy to give assurance of the approach used by our clients on their projects, therefore improving their safety and operability.”

“We achieve this by combining our years of expertise in the solar and water sectors, which has been instrumental in the development of the suggested practice against which we give such guarantee.”

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