Shanghai Electric has unveiled an 11-megawatt offshore wind turbine

A 102-metre carbon-fibre blade is included with the SEW11.0-208 machine.

Shanghai Electric has announced the launch of a new 11MW offshore wind turbine.

Shanghai Electric claims full intellectual property ownership of the direct-drive turbine used in the Petrel platform SEW11.0-208 machine.

The SEW11.0-208 is the first offshore wind turbine to fully utilize the company’s self-developed Petrel platform, which is designed to endure extreme temperatures, humidity, and salt, as well as changing and complicated maritime conditions like earthquakes and typhoons.

The turbine uses full-cycle digital design, manufacture, and O&M management, as well as Shanghai Electric’s newest LeapX control system, to minimize operational load and increase the unit’s operating stability, according to the company.

The turbine is powered by the company’s Fengyun technology, which is a cloud-based remote management platform that helps developers improve operational efficiency and profitability.

“As a worldwide leader in offshore wind, Shanghai Electric is devoted to helping China achieve peak carbon and carbon neutrality by using its vast proven technology in the field of renewable energy,” said Shanghai Electric vice president Jin Xiaolong.

“The introduction of our Petrel platform is a significant milestone for Shanghai Electric as we continue to develop better and superior new energy products and solutions that will help the world move toward a greener future.”

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