OWC picks up 400MW South Korean gig

Consultants will act as owners engineer at KOWP’s SouthWest Phase II offshore wind farm

The owners’ engineering position at the 400MW second phase of the SouthWest offshore wind farm off the coast of South Korea, which is being constructed by Korea Offshore Wind Power, has been taken over by Korean engineering firm Saman Corp. (KOWP).

Owners’ engineering services will be provided by Saman and OWC under the contract, which will include a study of site conditions, contract support for detail engineering, EPC contract, O&M, supervision, marine warranty services, and other contracts.

The job description also includes reviewing and approving engineering reports, assisting with the license approval process, and providing wide technical advice.

The contract’s worth has not been published by OWC.

Tom Whittle, OWC’s APAC director, said: “We are pleased to continue to assist Saman Corp and KOWP in completing the SouthWest Phase II project.

“Our local OWC presence has established itself as one that can support complete development and project realization as a result of this and other accolades we received last year.

“Offshore wind is currently a relatively undeveloped part of renewables in South Korea, but it is rising and will make up an increasing percentage of green energy generation over the next 10 years because to strong government backing with the Green New Deal and greater investor interest.”

The SouthWest 2 project, which will be finished in 2026, is a follow-up to a 60MW trial project that was already created in Buan-gun.

The building costs are estimated to be over 2.4 trillion won (€1.77 billion).

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Saman hired OWC to take over the owners’ engineering responsibilities at the Sinan-Ja Eun offshore wind project’s 300MW first phase and the 600MW Wando-Geumil offshore wind farm in 2021.

AqualisBraemar’s renewables technical consultant branch, OWC, is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

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