On offshore wind, the Danes have teamed up with Virginia

The DEA’s regulatory collaboration on green conversion with numerous US states includes a partnership agreement.

The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities has signed an offshore wind collaboration agreement with the state of Virginia in the United States.

Since October 2021, the Ministry has been working on a cooperation agreement with Virginia with the help of the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and the embassy in Washington.

The agreement is part of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) regulatory collaboration on green conversion with a number of US states as part of the Energy Governance Partnership initiative.

“The Danish climate aspirations truly make sense when Denmark, as a green pioneer nation, can share knowledge from our green transition with other countries who are facing needing to drastically decrease their CO2 emissions,” Dan Jorgensen, the Danish Minister of Energy, stated.

“As a result, I am glad that we have formed a collaboration with Virginia.”

“The state has big plans for offshore wind, and decades of Danish experience can help Virginia achieve its goals.”

“At the same time, Virginia’s offshore wind growth is assisting in the opening up and maturation of markets for green energy technologies, including Denmark.”

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