NEUTRINO ENERGY – Energy-efficient and sustainable into the future

New breakthroughs and advancements are to be expected not just in the fields of automation and artificial intelligence, but also in the sector of energy generation. The most creative and promising energy technology is now referred to as “Neutrino Energy,” which stands for a completely new and sustainable energy generation. But what distinguishes “Neutrino Technology” from earlier implementations, and how does the project assure long-term progress in the sphere of energy generation?

One of the major issues with regard to sustainability is that primary energies are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Renewables contribute for less than 15% of this energy mix, complicating a swift fundamental shift in direction. The repercussions of such a ratio may be observed in climate change, which will eventually lead to global warming. Coal-fired power stations are scheduled to be decommissioned in Germany by 2038, and promoting electromobility is not an efficient approach to reduce emissions.

The quantity of energy necessary for a change in transportation would be so great that power would once again have to be generated primarily from fossil fuels, increasing the environmental load even further. As a result, there is no change in the overall balance, simply in the location of the emissions.

However, if non-visible radiation energy is employed, the problems of low efficiency and related loads can be avoided. As early as spring 2015, the neutrino energy group released a theory claiming that neutrinos may be used to convert energy. After that, in 2017, the University of Chicago was successful  in constructing detectors that allowed it to be demonstrated that neutrinos can really start molecules in motion. However, this interaction is required for the notion of the Neutrino Energy Group. This is the foundation of the so-called neutrinovoltaic.

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According to this idea, the creation of energy using neutrinos may be compared to the utilization of wind turbines as follows: Of course, the rotors of a wind turbine do not capture the wind in the process. The wind propels them forward by transferring some of its kinetic energy to the blades. This movement is transferred to a generator, which generates energy. Although this slows down the wind, it does not devour it.

Neutrinos are continually “bombarding” our planet. As a result, 60 billion neutrinos per second pass through one square millimeter. The basic idea behind producing energy using neutrinos is to create a material that is so thick that neutrinos give off a portion of their kinetic energy when passing through it, resulting in an atomic vibration. In nature, such a material does not exist.

The Neutrino Energy Group, in collaboration with material scientists, developed a composite material with these qualities and exploits the ensuing vibrations in resonance to transfer electrons on metallic carriers; this is direct current that simply has to be “harvested,” so to speak. This is possible at all times and in all places.


Sustainable and safe for the future

Almost no other variety has the same ability to persuade in both physical theory and subsequent practice. Neutrino physics is already well-known in many areas of the world, but it has so far fallen short of expectations in Germany. The reason for this is not a failure to adopt its own ways. The difficulty with research in Germany is that it is divided into two fronts. The supporters of retaining the old models, including their employment in power plants that use fossil fuels, reject the climate activists’ objective of zero emissions.

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Knowledge of neutrino physics and its myriad possibilities has not yet reached huge segments of the people, just as it has not reached the depths of politics, where the great majority still demands a change in transportation in the sense of the absurd traditional electromobility.


New ideas for road transport

The Neutrino Energy Group has taken a completely new strategy with the CAR Pi brand in order to apply its own ideas as constructively and directly as possible. The vehicle is totally based on the notion of energy created by invisible radiation spectrum, eliminating the need for charging stations and short distances. As a result, radiation becomes the major energy source capable of converting energy even in full darkness.


Germany’s progress as a development location

Neutrino Deutschland GmbH is directly implementing innovative concepts in Germany through ventures such as the CAR Pi. These are also critically required in order to maintain contact with Germany and to keep the most recent developments and approaches in the face of rising digitization. The utilization of neutrino energy allows for the automation of energy generation in some ways, allowing for usage even in the absence of external stimuli.


Success requires global thinking

The environmental crisis is not just a developing issue in Germany. Urgent action is required, particularly in the Asian and African areas, to combat rising temperatures and avert weather extremes. The sooner a CO2-neutral and energy-efficient solution is adopted, the better off life and the world will be. In order to persuade all nations and areas of the usefulness and safety of invisible cosmic ray energy, holistic collaboration is required.

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Huge potentials through the conversion of this radiation

This symbolizes exactly the proper techniques for an energy-efficient future, moving away from fossil fuels and aiming for an emission-free tomorrow. On this basis, legislators may also assure decentralization and promote their own sector. The utilization of cosmic radiation in electromobility represents a quantum leap, a revolutionary development, and a superior notion.

Then and only then does e-mobility make sense.


Economy and environment working together

As a result, Neutrino Energy is able to integrate global interests in environmental policy with economic goals. In this regard, ecological meets economy, allowing for a reduction in the effect of a central power on electricity generation. In this regard, a more effective use of existing resources is almost impossible, which allows for significant alleviation, particularly for the environment. On this basis, the global energy supply cannot simply be automated in a decentralized way, but can be completely turned upside down in the next few decades.

Large power plants, power lines, substantial losses, and significant expenses can all be avoided by generating clean energy using non-visible radiant radiation in a decentralized manner. In addition to the large picture, this new technology may be utilized for smaller applications such as mobile phones, PCs, TVs, and electric cars in the immediate term.

Independent of the manufacturer, the “Neutrino Inside” insignia can then be worn, indicating to the customer that the new technology has already been integrated in the gadget and that no further power from the socket is required. Completely devoid of wires and grid-independent. The latest neutrino physics discoveries hold the key to the future of worldwide sustainable energy generation.

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