Natural Power invests in an offshore wind consulting firm

Bonheur, a Fred Olsen holding company, has also purchased a 25.5 percent stake in NPP Renewables.

Natural Power, a renewable energy consultant, has purchased a share in NPP Renewables.

In addition to the 25.5 percent stake, Fred Olsen’s holding company, Bonheur ASA, has bought 25.5 percent of the shares.

The founding directors of NPP Renewables will retain a combined 49 percent share in the firm, while NPP Renewables will keep its corporate name and continue to function as a separate corporation.

NPP Renewables is headquartered in Vejle, Denmark, with operations in the United States and Taiwan.

New Power Partners, a renewables consultant with a specific focus on offshore wind, and Site Solution Partners, a site logistics and lodging supplier for onshore and offshore projects, are its two primary companies.

“Throughout our involvement with NPP Renewables, we have been pleased with the ambition, pedigree, and degree of competence displayed,” Natural Power chairman Nick Emery said.

“The firms’ tremendous synergies are evident, and we’re pleased about the potential prospects this partnership offers in the worldwide offshore wind sector.”

Thomas Gellert and Tonni Bager launched the firm in 2015, with Peter Forsberg joining in 2016, and all three remain as corporate directors.

“The founders have extensive experience in the offshore wind business, having held positions ranging from hands-on senior project manager and offshore wind specialist engagements to EPCI director level posts since 2008.”

“The firm now employs over 65 people and generates close to DKK100 million (€13.4 million) in revenue.”

“The growth trajectory of Natural Power and its achievements over the past 20 years plus are very outstanding and a tremendous model to us,” said Thomas Gellert, CEO of NPP Renewables.

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“We assure a high degree of synergies with Natural Power as a partner by combining our strong offshore development and construction EPCI expertise with Natural Power’s broad service offering catalogue and strong industry network.”

New Power Partners’ core business is providing development and construction services, as well as experienced EPCI management and project personnel to support the development, pre-construction, and construction phases of projects, potentially and frequently embedded into the clients’ project team, including senior level roles.

Foundations, cables, offshore substation constructions, wind turbine generators, transport and installation, project certification, and more are all areas where the team excels.

New Power Partners has gained substantial expertise and practical experience from its strong engagement in offshore wind projects over the last six years, according to Natural Power.

Site Solution Partners provides turnkey accommodation and on-site facilities, staff transportation, site management, food service, cleaning, laundry, and other services for wind power projects, including turnkey accommodation and on-site facilities, turnkey accommodation and on-site facilities, turnkey accommodation and on-site facilities, turnkey accommodation and on-site facilities, turnkey accommodation and on-site facilities, turnkey accommodation and on-site facilities, turnkey

Natural Power said that the organization has a proven track record of serving tier one clientele.

In the development, construction, and operational phases of renewable projects, NPP Renewables’ capabilities complement Natural Power’s advisory, project management, and engineering expertise, allowing the two companies to grow by supporting each other in terms of products, services, and geographic reach.

Natural Power’s participation is also expected to add value due to its expertise scaling and running a similar consultancy.

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[Image: Insung Yoon/Unsplash ]

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