German approval of wind turbines reaches a record high as a result of the Ukraine Conflict

According to the results of a recent survey, the conflict in Ukraine has contributed to a significant increase in support for onshore wind power among residents of Germany, which is already at its highest level of support ever recorded. According to a survey conducted by pollster Forsa and commissioned by the onshore wind agency Fachagentur Windenergie a Land, one in three respondents said the conflict in Russia and Germany’s previous dependence on energy imports from Russia have made the expansion of onshore wind energy “more important than before.” However, two-thirds of respondents have not changed their opinion on the matter.

Fifty-one percent of respondents rated the rollout of onshore wind power as “very important,” while thirty-one percent rated it as “important.” “The growth of the wind energy industry is more essential to people than it has ever been before. At the same time, the acceptance of existing plants on site has also increased to record levels, according to the agency. Eighty-four percent of people who live very close to wind turbines agree that they are acceptable, with fifty-two percent of those people stating that they “completely” accept them and thirty-two percent stating that they are “somewhat acceptable.” 38 percent of respondents who do not have wind turbines in the vicinity of their homes would have “no objections at all” to the construction of wind turbines, and another 38 percent would have “fewer objections” to the construction of wind turbines.

Wind turbines have become one of the most visible aspects of Germany’s energy transition and are increasingly dominating the landscape in many parts of the country. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] Even though the vast majority of people are in favor of implementing the technology, wind power, Germany’s most significant source of renewable energy, also has a number of vehement detractors. Numerous citizen initiatives complain about the effects that wind turbines have on people, wildlife, and natural scenery. The greater the number of people who are made aware of the technology, the more likely it is that they will come to accept it.

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