Firetrace has released a kit for putting out turbine fires

Extensive accelerated environmental exposure testing has been performed on XD detecting tubes.

To reduce the danger of fire and total loss in offshore and near-shore wind turbines, Firetrace has introduced a flexible fire detection tube with improved chemical durability.

XD detection tubing detects fires by sensing either heat or flame, and it resists corrosion, creep, and ozone exposure in both offshore and near-shore turbine conditions, unlike similar detection tubing products.

Developers are “extremely driven,” according to Firetrace, to guarantee that their assets can function continuously and produce high energy yields and, hence earnings, as well as to avoid the reputational harm associated with turbine fires to both their firms and the worldwide offshore wind sector.

As a result, XD increases the effectiveness of detecting and suppressing wind turbine flames, preventing a catastrophic incident and reputational crisis, while also saving end-users money by providing an automated solution to combatting turbine fires, according to the business.

The product is being released after comprehensive accelerated environmental exposure testing, which replicates field service conditions for corrosion, creep resistance, and ozone exposure on polymeric fire detecting tubing.

In saltwater and zinc galvanic corrosion tests, as well as high ozone exposure common in maritime conditions, the XD tubing fared admirably.

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