EuropeWave project opens concept development call

Wave energy developers are invited to apply for funding via the pre-commercial procurement programme [Image: Pexels]

The EuropeWave project is inviting wave energy developers to apply for funding via its pre-commercial procurement (PCP) programme, which opened today until 21 October.

The five-year collaborative programme will see several wave energy projects selected for the first stage of ‘concept development’.

EuropeWave is a partnership between Wave Energy Scotland (WES), the Basque Energy Agency and Ocean Energy Europe.
A free-of-charge webinar will be held on 13 July, to provide potential applicants with full details of the call requirements, eligibility conditions and evaluation criteria.

An online brokerage tool is also available until 20 July, to facilitation consortia building.

The three-stage process will award R&D service contracts to companies or consortia that are involved in the development of wave energy converters and components.

After each stage is completed, the best of the competing solutions will be selected from within the group to progress to the following phase.

Concepts will be assessed according to technical and economic performance metrics, and the best performers will be demonstrated in Basque and Scottish open waters at the end of the programme.

The programme will focus on the design, development, and demonstration of cost-effective wave energy converter systems for electrical power production that can survive in the harsh and unpredictable ocean environment, EuropeWave said.

The project will provide almost €20m to procure the most promising wave energy technologies from across Europe and beyond.

The PCP model provides a structured approach, fostering greater openness, collaboration and sharing of risk between the public sector and technology developers, the programme organisers said.

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WES managing director Tim Hurst said: “Today is an important step for the wave energy sector. EuropeWave is designed to pick out the technological frontrunners and propel them – and the sector as a whole – towards commercialisation.

“We are excited to take this highly successful procurement model and scale it up via a transnational project across Europe.”

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