Energiekontor sells 14MW German wind

CEE Group has bought the Julich Barmen-Merzenhausen project featuring Nordex N149-4.5MW hardware [Image: Nordex]

Energiekontor has sold the almost 14MW Julich Barmen-Merzenhausen wind farm in German to CEE Group for an undisclosed price.

The project, which is located east of Julich in North Rhine-Westphalia, will consist of three Nordex N149-4.5MW turbines with hub heights of 125.4 metres and rotor diameters of 149.1 metres.

It is being built on parcels of land in the districts of the same name in the county of Duren.
Commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2021.

Julich Barmen-Merzenhausen is expected to have an annual yield of about 36 million kilowatt-hours.

Energiekontor chief executive Peter Szabo said: “We have already had a very good experience with the CEE Group in the Waldfeucht wind farm project and are therefore pleased to be able to continue this trusting cooperation now with another transaction at the Julich Barmen-Merzenhausen site.”

CEE Group chief executive Detlef Schreiber said: “The successful cooperation with Energiekontor finds its logical continuation with the acquisition of the Julich Barmen-Merzenhausen wind farm project.

“The new wind farm expands CEE Group’s portfolio in the wind energy sector with a technologically mature project and will contribute to climate protection as an efficient energy source.

“At the same time, the project stands for long-term stable cash flows and a high degree of income security.

“As with the previous Waldfeucht project, the entire transaction was characterised by mutual trust between the participants involved, which ensured smooth procedures and processes.“

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