COP26: The United Kingdom and India form a new alliance

At COP26, Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi announced the formation of the “One Sun One World One Grid” alliance.

At COP26, major nations, international organizations, lawmakers, industry leaders, researchers, and citizen groups formed a transnational clean energy coalition.

The summit’s host Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the One Sun One World One Grid group during COP26.

The two prime ministers released a One Sun Declaration, supported by more than 80 nations, outlining the group’s goals, in the presence of other leaders of state, including US President Biden.

A ministerial steering group will oversee a process to speed the development of massive solar power plants and wind farms in the finest sites, connected by continental-scale networks that straddle national boundaries, as part of the project.

The steering committee will include representatives from Africa, the Gulf, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, as well as France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Germany and Australia also attended the first meeting as observers as post-election discussions on a new government continue.

The One Sun Declaration emphasizes the need for investment in solar minigrids for remote villages, smart charging for electric vehicles to help balance green grids, and new financial instruments to attract low-cost capital into clean energy, in addition to large-scale solar and wind power connected through international grids.

“We can easily create more than enough renewable energy to power the globe by combining residential solar with desert solar power plants, as well as offshore wind farms and hydropower. But only if we construct the appropriate grids “Nicholas Dunlop, the Climate Parliament’s Secretary-General, stated.

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“We’ve begun to construct a formidable coalition that might get those networks and power stations built faster than ever before, thanks to the UK COP26 Presidency taking up the issue and Prime Minister Modi’s personal engagement.”

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