Alternatives to Hesselo are being considered by the Danes

The Danish Energy Agency has begun a ‘fine screening’ process for potential offshore wind project replacement locations.

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has begun looking for other locations for an offshore wind farm to replace the stalled Hesselo project.

DEA added that, in addition to ongoing bottom investigations at the existing Hesselo offshore wind project, it has begun a fine screening process to look at other places.

The study covers both previously fine-screened regions and additional areas that have been registered for the Marine Plan.

A scaled-down Hesselo area plus an area south of the current Hesselo site; a scaled-down Hesselo area plus Kattegat 2 to the west of the current Hesselo area; Kriegers Flak 2; a smaller Hesselo area and Kriegers Flak 2 North; and Nordsoen 1 south of the planned Thor offshore wind farm are among them.

A fine screening, according to the DEA, is a first evaluation of whether a region is suitable for the development of an offshore wind farm, considering what the implications will be in terms of costs, network work, nature, environment, and planning requirements, among other things.

After the finding of soft clay bottoms on the seabed, particularly in the northern and western parts of the area, the tender for Hesselo was suspended earlier this year.

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